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Who is Insider Foundry?

Insider Foundry are the publishers of the free, annual Insider Guides – International Student Guides. Written by local students, they help to bridge the gap between what local students know about their home and what international students should know before they arrive or just after they’ve arrived. We know international students are not tourists. They’re here to live. As such we wanted to create a guide that truly helped them enjoy the people, place and culture.

The business started in Adelaide, Australia in 2008 and is widely recognised as a best practice resource for international students in Australia. They have also been praised by the Australian Human Rights Commission as a benchmark example to promote and protect the human rights of international students in Australia.

We are based in Australia and that’s where the majority of our business is based (which is why email is the best way to contact us). However, in 2016 we decided the UK was ready for Insider Guides, so we launched this website and published two guides:

  1. Insider Guides – International Student Guide to London 2016/17
  2. Insider Guides – International Student Guide to the UK 2016/17 – China Edition

In 2017/18, we’ll be doing another round of guides for the UK, but we will be changing the London guide to a whole of UK guide, with distribution onshore throughout the UK. The UK-China guide will remain and will be similar to this year’s guide.

Interested in distributing the onshore UK guide from September 2017? Please email James Martin, Managing Director – james@insiderguides.co.uk

The guides are free for students and we sell advertising space to keep them free. Many organisations choose to advertise so they can reach international students at various points in the decision-making cycle. The guides are then distributed both onshore to newly arrived international students in the UK, and in China during the decision-making phase.

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Our partners co-brand, advertise, promote and distribute Insider Guides.