Tips for Curing Homesickness

This article was written by our Managing Director, James Martin, based on his own experiences studying overseas.

1) Go out and be a tourist in your new city.

Explore the markets, go up to the wineries (if you have them), try some crazy new food. Try and make the city feel beautiful to you, and appreciate that life is short and there’s so much to explore. Don’t forget that there is always a lot to do in the UK. It doesn’t matter whether you’re passionate about movies, art, sports, music or whatever, there will be something for you!

Select your city for ideas on how to get started:

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2) Log off Skype and other social media a bit more than usual.

When I was abroad, I constantly checked Facebook and was sad to be missing all the parties and BBQs, but then when I got back I realised not a lot had changed. In fact, my friends wanted to see more of MY pictures! Disconnect for a bit and you’ll find lots of great ways to start making memories.

3) Create a routine.

This one really helped me. I’d get up and do a run and some exercises everyday, then I’d make coffee and read for 20 minutes. It became a ritual and I really loved it. It took my mind off home for a while and allowed me to just enjoy life in this new moment.

4) Take lots of pictures

I find when I take pictures I tend to appreciate what’s happening around me a lot more.



5) Learn something new or join a club

I find when I’m in a new place, it’s a good opportunity to learn something completely new. Maybe art classes or cooking interesting dishes from YouTube videos. Only good can come from it. Best case scenario is you meet others who share your interest and you become friends. Worst case scenario is you learn a cool new skill in a new city, which gives you confidence. MeetUp is a great place to start, offering all kinds of social group meet-ups, on all sorts of subjects!