Managed Student Accommodation

Student apartments are built around all major University and College localities and offer the benefits of an all inclusive setup, ready for you to move right in. Many universities will have compulsory

What are Managed Student Apartments?

Generally student apartments are purpose-built accommodation where the entire block is dedicated to housing anywhere from 100 to 400 students.

The setup ranges from single or twin rooms with shared kitchen and bathroom to shared apartments with 4 or 5 other students or your own one room apartment.

Most Student Apartments offer:

  • All utilities connected including internet
  • Bedroom furnished with a bed, mattress, wardrobe, study desk and chair.
  • Kitchen and bathroom with major appliances
  • Communal laundry facilities
  • Air-conditioning and heating
  • 24 hour security and support staff on-site
  • Social and study events and activities
  • Study areas
  • Recreation areas: television, gaming, cinema rooms; outdoor areas, BBQS, gyms, table tennis etc.

Positives of living in Student Accommodation:

  • Convenience! Everything is setup for you to move in.
  • Great community feel
  • More independence than living in a residential college while enjoying security and support

Other considerations:

  • A more expensive accommodation option;
  • Space can be limited;
  • Sharing communal spaces can be challenging.


Depending on the apartment the cost will vary. You can expect to pay very different amounts according to what city you are in – though this generally includes your utilities like water, gas, power and sometimes internet. Note that each university will often have a cost of living guide – make sure to search for you institution’s one! Edinburgh suggests costs can range from £380-750 per month, whilst in London this is more likely to range from£430-900. The National Union of Students has this guide comparing London vs non-London living costs to give you more of an idea. 

Tips for finding the right Student Accommodation for you:

Facilities & house rules vary with premises so make sure you read all the details when you are looking for your new home. Make sure you read all the FAQs on the options that you are researching.

  • What are the deposit & lease conditions? Note that it is never called a ‘bond’ in the UK – always a ‘deposit’! 
  • Extra costs like internet, etc;
  • What you may need to supply – linen, towels, crockery, utensils etc? For more information about these kinds of extras, check out our guide on setting up your new place cheaply. 
  • What are the house rules – visitors, curfews etc?
  • Locality – is it an area that you wish to live?