Jobs: The Secret Advantages Of International Students

When it comes to employment, international students have particular experiences and skills that make them stand out from the crowd.

It can be hard out there, though, so when you write resumes and meet employers, it’s good to know the things that make you especially valuable to them.

So just for you – here’re the four secret advantages of international students that you should highlight when talking to employers.

1.  You are different

As an international student, you will bring new ideas and a different perspective into your workplace.  Studies show that more diverse organisations are more innovative and can even be more profitable. The United Kingdom is multicultural and London in particular plays host to millions of tourists every year – you may be able to help a business to communicate better with their customer base.

All in all, as an international student your unique knowledge and ability to work with others who are different will make your employer’s organisation more diverse and well-rounded.

2.  You are committed

An employer might assume that you’re not going to stick around in the job for very long.  But actually, you’ve dared to venture away from friends and family because of how committed you are to finding a job in the UK.  You’ve had to make many sacrifices and face many challenges in order to be here – that shows you are passionate and motivated!

3.  You have ‘cultural capital’

You may be bilingual, and/or you have specialised knowledge of overseas markets and trends – this makes you incredibly valuable to an employer!  Australia has lower rates of bilingualism than other countries, but if you can speak more than one language can be a very useful skill for a company that works with overseas markets (and the UK is extremely international and cooperative in its economic activities).  The same goes for having a special knowledge of the culture, economy or work practices of another region. As an international student, you’ll help your employer be competitive in a global economy and to communicate with overseas markets or clients. Conversely, being a native English speaker is intensely important in the UK job market – it helps too that Australians are perceived in the UK as friendly. With a high standard of customer service back home, you can offer up your sunny Aussie vibe as well!

4. You are really mature

Perhaps most importantly, you’re grown-up.  You’ve had to do it all yourself – move away from the comforts of home, get through university by yourself and in the process, become highly independent.

Through it all, you’ve learned resilience, good work ethics, as well as an ability to work with people who are different from you. This means you won’t fall to pieces when things go wrong; you’ll be a self-sufficient employee who can work well with others and see things through to the end.

Now, what employer wouldn’t want that!