Homestay is a great option for your first month. Your new home away from home will provide a valuable cultural exchange with your local host family. A warm welcome to the UK!

What is Homestay Accommodation?

A homestay involves an international student living with a family in their home. Generally stays will last a month but younger students may prefer to stay longer. Homestay is a great way to learn about life in the UK.

Homestay Accommodation generally includes:

  • Pickup from the airport
  • A furnished room in your host family’s home
  • All utilities including internet
  • Meals
  • Welcome and orientation
  • Support from your homestay agent
  • A cultural exchange with your host family

Positives of Homestay Accommodation:

  • Convenience! Everything is setup for you to move in
  • A safe and welcoming environment – great if you think you may get homesick
  • Improve your English skills with your host family
  • Meet a family and learn about the local culture
  • Can be cheaper than other managed accommodation options

Other considerations:

  • May be located a while from your institution – make sure you check public transport options
  • The house rules may feel restrictive if you are wanting more independence
  • Isolation from other students


Depending on the homestay option, the cost will vary. You can expect to pay between $200 and $300 a week, including meals and utilities.

Useful points for finding the right accommodation for you:

Facilities and house rules vary with homestays so make sure you read all the details. Check out all the FAQs on the options that you are researching.

  • Does Airport pickup cost extra?
  • Does the homestay agent supply support in case of issues?
  • What are the agents cost for placement?
  • Will you be comfortable living in someone else’s home?
  • What are the house rules – visitors, curfews etc?
  • Locality – is it an area that you wish to live?