Choosing Your Team

There are plenty of sports to choose from in the UK but one of them is almost a religion. Football is a national obsession and the country is home to countless teams, big and small. If you don’t already have a team use our step by step guide to help you get started as a football fan.

Step 1

Use to figure out your closest team.

Step 2

Learn about the players and history of the team (if you don’t like the look of them repeat step 1 for your second closest team).

Step 3

Watch YouTube for highlights of classic and recent matches.


Step 4

Use to learn the songs of the team.

Step 5

Convince a friend or two to attend a game with you.

Step 6

Buy a scarf on the way to show your support without committing to a large investment.

Step 7

Enjoy the descent into madness as the team frustrates you on a weekly basis.