Advertiser Q&A

When do the guides come out?

September 2017.

How many guides do you make?

Two guides:

1. Insider Guides – International Student Guide to the UK – China Edition

2. Insider Guides – International Student Guide to the UK – Onshore Edition

Who is the UK-China guide for?

This guide is given to Chinese students that are looking to study in the UK, but haven’t yet left China. This guide is distributed by the Ministry of Education and IDP China.

Ok, what about the UK Onshore guide?

This guide is given to all new international students in the UK, and that one is distributed in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The Media Kit only offers full page adverts. What about half page?

We only sell full page adverts. This means the guides retain a high-quality style and advertisers get maximum exposure.

We would like to give Insider Guides to our students. If we buy advertising, do we get preference for distributing the onshore UK guide?

Yes. We take care of those that help us keep the guide free for students.