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Wait… What are Insider Guides – International Student Guides?

Insider Guides are free, annual guides, widely recognised and relied upon by agents, universities and government as a best practice resource to enhance the student experience.

The guides are filled with unique, engaging, easy-to-read content sourced from both local and international students covering all that you need to know about studying and living in the UK. Designed to help international students understand what life is like in the UK, these annual guides are available for free, both onshore and offshore, from key distribution points.

Download the 2016/17 guides here.

Will it be different to this year’s guides?

Yes. We are always improving. In 2017/18, we will expand our onshore guide so it will be all about the UK, not just London. The UK-China guide will remain.

We will also improve the design and content of the guides, as well as our online offerings.

Ok… so how can I be a part of it?

Businesses interested in talking to international students can advertise in Insider Guides. You can choose at which point you to target students too.

Want to speak to Chinese students considering the UK? We can help.

What about international students that are already in the UK? We can help you there too.

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