7 Creative Ways to Record Your Time in the UK

Your time spent here in the United Kingdom will be a whirlwind of new experiences, lessons, and time spent with friends. In the years to come, you’ll want those memories close at hand.

In case you don’t have time to write it all down every night, here’s 7 creative ways international students can record the time they spend in the UK.

1. Invent a hashtag


You never know when, where or how you’ll want to store a memory so, invent a really unique hashtag and attach it to all your photos and posts. This way, anything you send out in the world will be really easy to find later. It’s also a great way to get your friends involved and easily share all your great pictures as a group.

2. Send letters or postcards to yourself


We all know how exciting it is to get an actual letter in the mail these days. Imagine coming home to a whole stash waiting for you! Even better, ask a friend in the UK to send them to you one month after you’ve left so you get the pleasure of finding them in the mailbox. Every historical site across the UK will have postcards on sale, making this a great way to record all the awesome sites you visit as well.

3. Create a blog


One of the most versatile ways to keep your memories together is in your own personalised blog – or vlog. With a blog, you’re in control of exactly what goes it in it; journal entries, photos, videos or a combination. You can set one up for free from sites like WordPress.com, Squarespace or Tumblr and you can access it anywhere (and so can friends and family back home – if you like). A Vlog is much the same, except it involves video instead. If you’re daring in front of a camera, this can be a great way to record your thoughts and feelings.

4. Keep a recipe journal


Yes, this one’s for the food lovers but there’s more to it than just indulging yourself and taking pictures. Smell and taste are strongly linked to memory. Keep a diary of the foods you try and the recipes you make in the UK and then make them again when you’re back home. The memories will come flooding back. Alternatively, capture this via Instagram – pretty images of food are always of interest!

5. Make a playlist

PlaylistEvery period in your life comes with a playlist. Put together all the most meaningful songs from your time abroad and keep it for a rainy day.

6. Write a micro-diaryDiary

Instead of long journal entries, try the 20 word a day journal. There’s no room for rambling with this method. It forces you to figure out what the most important thing from that day was. It’ll make for a page-turning read in the years to come.

7. Use a storytelling app


There’s plenty of these and they come with all kinds of functions. A few great ones we recommend are Steller, Off Exploring, and Shutterfly’s TripPix.